Saturday, 26 September 2015

What's Happening To Poponomics? FAQ

Hello there. My name is Mohammad Lone. This is what's happening to poponomics.

So here I am, bashing away at my keyboard, alone, in a dimly lit room packed with empty boxes, books and a variety of knick-knacks. It's 11:11pm. I've just had a criminally powerful coffee, and am now nibbling on some grapes my mum bought for me earlier from Sainsburys as I pause to think about what to type next. I am feeling both excited for the time that lies ahead for me, and also a little mournful of my childhood life living under the roof of my family.

Welcome to university. Welcome to the promised land of education. Welcome to £27,000 of debt.

My confusion of emotions may be reflected in this piece of writing, and for that I do apologise- but here is, as briefly put as I can, an update on what exactly is going on with poponomics, among other things, in the form of answers to questions I have received from time to time. Hopefully this can clear a few things up.

What does poponomics mean?
Poponomics is a mashup of two words that I hope encompass some of the values of this website- 'popular' and 'economics'. Popular not necessarily in the sense that loads of people do read it, rather in the sense that loads of people can read it and understand it. Accessibility is one of the key things I focus on when I write- that readers are not overwhelmed with complex jargon and statistics.

'Economics', is pretty self-explanatory- the majority of the content on this site is on the topic of economics.

You haven't uploaded a video in ages. Are you still alive?
Yes, I am still alive. Thank you for your concern.

The video situation has been complex, as I've been facing difficulty finding a new camera that suits me (until now I have solely relied upon my laptop camera), and also with committing the large amount of time required to plan, film and edit a new video I am satisfied with.

But, the video production will continue soon. I have acquired a new, better quality camera and you can expect poponomics to return to YouTube on the 16th of October.

Do you write everything for the website yourself?
Not everything- I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some outstanding guest contributors, such as entrepreneurial guru Yura Bryant and InTouch CRM executive Didi Zheleva, who have lent their expertise on their specialist areas to poponomics.

However, the majority of the content is indeed written by myself- but I would like to gradually reduce my contributions to allow a greater spectrum of writers for the site.

Can I contribute an article for the website?
You want to contribute? Excellent! It doesn't matter whether you're a PhD in Economics or have never studied it in your life- as long as you can write, send an email over to us at and I'd be happy to take any request further and feature you on poponomics!

What credentials do you have to write about economics?
To be totally honest, not many. Yet. I haven't sat in a single economics class in my life (though now as a university econ student, hopefully that will change soon), and most of my thoughts have been derived from reading the news and books. 

Could you recommend any good introductory economics books for a non-economist? One that isn't Freakonomics?
Sure. 'Free Lunch' by David Smith is a great starter text, as it gives easily understandable yet in-depth introductions to various economic theories and concepts.

'The New Capitalist Manifesto' by Umair Haque is an incredibly thought-provoking yet accessible commentary on today's economic climate, particularly with regards to the failures and successes of today's businesses. And whatever economics book you're reading, the 'Penguin Dictionary of Economics' is always helpful to have at hand in case you come across any new words.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future poponomics articles and videos, don't hesitate to send them to
Lone Editor

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