Write For Poponomics!

Have you ever had an idea you wanted to put out to the world? Got any opinions, any cause for joy or frustration, any interesting things in your head that you want to put on (metaphorical) paper? If so, poponomics is looking for new guest writers! 

I've published around 80 articles on this site over the past year and a half, but as poponomics looks to expand we are looking for some new, alternative voices for the website!

We have had a number of guest writers from different backgrounds so far, from entrepreneurial guru Yura Bryant, to Customer Relation Management expert Didi Zheleva, to A-Level student James Rosanwo, and now we would like to open our website to contributions by our readers. Having seen your comments, whether on YouTube, Google Plus or Reddit, it seems clear you have informed opinions and we want to give you a platform for them.

What are the requirements for contributors? 
There are none! We are welcome to contributors of all backgrounds. Whether you are young or old, live in East or West, a graduate or student, we want to hear from everyone. 

The only requirement for an article to be published is that it must follow our 3 main principles: it has to be:
1) Informative
2) Engaging
3) Accurate

Of course, this is to ensure that a level of quality is maintained on the website. However, we are not expecting fully polished articles- I started poponomics as a way to practice my own writing and research skills, and am still developing as a writer, so feel free to have a go at your own submission!  

What can I write about?
Pretty much anything related to economics, politics, business or similar subjects. If it is interesting, anything that is within this wide realm will be welcome. For example, Yura Bryant's article on the phenomenon of Groupthink dipped into psychology- such crossing between disciplines often produces the most interesting reads!

You may notice that a lot of our articles are heavily based upon statistics and facts that have been researched- you can choose to follow this style but it's not obligatory. You can present a research report-style article if you want, a news update, or even just some ramblings or rants of your own. This contributor program is about giving people platforms to be heard, so it is important that you have the ultimate control over your writing.

What's in it for me? 
Writing for poponomics has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. Not only has enabled me to learn more about the world and open my horizons, but it has developed my skills as a journalist, and has given me some great experience in developing my personal soft skills. This has been also been helpful when making applications to things like university or jobs.

If you write for poponomics not only will you benefit from picking up and developing these skills, but you will have a support network of fellow contributors, and a great opportunity to network with both them and the readers. Whether you would like support with the writing or academic aspect of you contribution, poponomics will always have your back.

Interested in this great opportunity? 

Lone Editor


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